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         Intelligence as Corporate Force Multiplier

Are you sure about the integrity of your new hires or potential Business Partner?

Online request cum tracking system
Is your brand being violated?
And therefore is your requirement:
  • Enforcement of
        IPR? or
  • Ensuring Brand
        Vigilance? or
  • Educating your
  • Would you like to check the claims of your intended channel partner even before signing the MOU or check their previous track record to avoid a future conflict of interest?

    Would you like Actionable Information regarding your competitors, or the industry or customers?

    Would you like to have a catalytic sounding board to validate your strategy or train your senior managers?

    Would you like the line managers to also benefit by using the CI tools?

    How often have you wanted ‘hard intelligence’ and got heaps of data when required to take a strategic decision?

    Would you like to set up a CI cell or train a trusted Manager?

    This is the worst kept secret of business; Corporate espionage exists!

    Is there a ‘mole’ in your organization?
    Or, is your key employee likely to be body shopped?